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El Querandi Tango Show

Get back in time to the golden years of Tango and enjoy this traditional Tango Show!

El Querandi is located next to San Telmo Neighborhood. It is one of the traditional Tango Shows, usually chosen by european visitors. Its decoration and ambience will make you feel like if you were at one of the first bars of 1900's. It features a capacity for 120 guests and an excellent gastronomy with a variety of appetizers, main courses and delicious desserts. Drinks included: wines, sodas, mineral water, coffee and tea. The show will let you see part of the Tango history and different Tango dancers that walk by the tables and are dressed up in costumes like in the Belle Epoque of beginning of the XX Century. You will also see the performance of 3 singers among them Mariano Mores's grandson.





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