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Is it the first time you are traveling to Buenos Aires?

It probably is, but surely it is difficult to decide what to do in this fascinating city with so many attractions and places to visit.

We offer the 1st personalized service providing experienced tourist guides that skillfully will show you around the most important places and facilities that the city of Buenos Aires offers, and even let you choose the one you like best to tailor make your own tour. Moreover, we count on the assistance of a local guide who will take you to discover the most fascinating city of Latin America, its people, customs, Tango music and nightlife in Buenos Aires.



Our services

Our agency offers you the possibility to choose our bus tours, where you will share this experience with other passengers or our private tours that are exclusively for visitors who belong to a group of acquaintances such as workmates, friends, a family, etc. This homogeneous ingredient will easily allow you to adjust the tour to your own special preferences.

Sightseeings may last from 3 up to 9 hrs. approximately depending on the sort of excursion you choose to go on. They are carried out throughout a range of the best known sights in the city. They may either be programmed beforehand or chosen by the tourist himself.

The meeting-place is usually at hotels in downtown or next to or at the sights to be visited. If it is a private tour, it can be arranged at the hotel or lodging place where the tourist is staying at.

Our tours are guided in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Other languages might also be agreed on at the moment you make up your mind to contact us. Do not hesitate to e-mail, fax, or phone us for further information.





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