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Jewish Buenos Aires City Tour

A unique possibility to sightsee Buenos Aires through its jewish cast. A ride through the jewish history in Buenos Aires. An invitation to sightsee synagogues, schools, institutions and neighborhoods where the community has left its unmistakable mark. An itinerary to be moved and meet ourselves back with our own roots. A glance through the jewish past and present.

Visit Lavalle Square, located in front of the Palace of Justice; where it was placed the Monument for the Victims of the AMIA (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina) who cruely died during the terrorist attempt against this jewish institution. Visit the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires which is the first Temple of the Community of Israel in B.A. Visit the AMIA building; rebuilt on the ruins of the old building completely destroyed in a terrorist attempt on July 18th, 1994. Visit Israel Embassy Square on Arroyo St., a place occupied by the original embassy before a terrorist attempt on March 17th, 1992. A sightseeing around Once (jewish neighborhood).

City Tour Jewish Buenos Aires
Duration 3 hrs.
Option 1
  • National Museum of Inmigration

  • Option 2
  • Museum of the Holocaust (Shoá Museum)

  • Option 3
  • Jewish Museum “Dr. Salvador Kibrick"
       (only on Tue and Thu in the afternoon).

  • Pick up time


    Every day 9:30 am. and 2 pm.

    Some of the sights may vary
    according to the day and time of the excursion. The AMIA can only be visited with the morning tour.




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    Pick up at hotels in downtown.

    Palermo or other areas please consult.

    Tour Operator Airways Legajo 7622 – Exp. 5479-/91
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